Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Easy to Do Your Own Title Search In Costa Rica! Here's How.

It's fortunate that the government of Costa Rica has made information concerning properties easily accessible to property owners over the Internet. A purchaser can rest assured that their financial interests can be authenticated.

You will first need the 6 digit number that identifies the property called the “Folio Real.” Then go to the National Registry's website

  1. Click on “Bienes Inmuebles” (immovable property, real estate).

  2. Click on the word “Consultas” (inquiry) on the menu bar at the top.
  3. Click on “Por Número de Finca o Concesión” (by number of the property concession).

  4. You then select the name of the Province. 1 - San Jose, 2 - Cartago 3 - Heridia 4 - Guanacaste 5 - Puntarenas 6 - Limon
  5. Then type the 'Folio' number in the area called “Finca” and click on “Consultar” (get advice).
You now have the owners information (“Proprietario”) and you just verified that it's indeed a titled property.
Also, at the bottom of the screen is the word “Gravemenes” meaning encumbrances. If there are none, then "NO HAY" will show. If otherwise you should then consult an attorney who can perform a more extensive search and explain the facts surrounding the nature of the encumbrance.
Also, by clicking “Historia,” you can learn of the history of property transfers.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monterra Developer's Own/Operate a Boutique Hotel in Tambor.

In 2007 Monterra Developers purchased a Boutique Hotel in Tambor. Our intention was to provide room availability and quality restaurant and bar services to our clients and guests who come the area to visit. During the High Season - (December to April) the Peninsula is very busy and rooms can be tough to find especially on weekends - so to insure our clients have a comfortable place to stay we purchased "The Hotel Costa Coral'
After 2 years of renovations and a recent kitchen expansion "The Costa Coral' is 100% owned and operated by Monterra Developers and is quickly becoming famous for it's food and social settings. It also serves as an end-of-the-day meeting place for clients and staff to go over questions about their property tours with Monterra and a private location to discuss business. The hotel employs more then 20 people, year round, and we've heard that it's the best place to work in the area. Our Costa Rica staff enjoy the opportunity to speak English with our clients/friends and many of them keep in touch through email and groups like 'facebook'. We are very happy with this hotel purchase not only from a business point of view but also how it brings together many people from around the World. All property owners and staff of Monterra Developers and OwnCostaRica receive a 30% discount on all room rates - year round!.