Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meet Michael!

Many of you have already met Michael as he's been employed by Monterra Developers for more then a year. As we're rapidly moving into home building this year Michael has been busy sharing his home ideas and meeting with customers who are ready to get building. He's also been busy interviewing / hiring our building crews consisting of trade and labor - with their first project being the Monterra warehouse in VDL.
For the past year Michael, who now lives in Playa Tambor, has been researching and assembling a comprehensive quoting sheet of every type of material needed to build and finish a home in Costa Rica. After a year of negotiating and pre-purchasing materials Monterra's exclusive pricing from these suppliers will make our luxury homes very competitive (quality & price) against any builder in Costa Rica.

More info will be coming soon on the Monterra building process and how to get started.

Michael Pechbrenner:

- More than 30 years' experience in construction building.
- Second generation. Credited with projects in; Northern Alberta, British
Columbia, GTA, and 8 years in Florida.
- Florida; Home construction from 6,000 - 18,000 Sq. Ft.
Disney World, Busch Gardens, world famous Hammock Beach Resort (Hard-scape finishes) and many other hospitality, resort and residence construction and finishes.
- Heavily experienced with structural engineering for; Bearing, Uplift, and seismic.
- Engineering, architectural, and construction management skills to complete projects expeditiously with superior results.
- Working with architect for custom home designs to optimize terrain usage, views, functional, with beautification, natural materials, and eco friendly finishes.
- Current in technological improvements and automation for energy savings, security, communication, to simplify life's demands and comfort.
- Experience includes residential construction, commercial construction, government projects, road and parking lot construction, theme parks, city park construction with full understanding of blue print reading which include; elevations, cross sections, inverts, structural, mechanicals,
electrical, finishes, call outs, and sectionals.
- Full experience with project management, project scheduling, project estimating/budgeting.
- Full understanding of North American building codes and engineering. Currently applying skills in Costa Rica for 4 years.