Thursday, December 8, 2011

Home Constrcution Orders, Just Starting to Come In!

It's been a busy Fall so far and now that we're headed into the new season (CR summer) our big news is Building, Building and more Building.

Valle de Luz is fully permitted and ready for construction and more infrastructure. The rainy season took it's normal toll on this project but our road crew is headed back into the property now that the summer is almost here.
VDL property owners should have received notice by now to have their corporations opened and prepare for title transfer. Monterra is transferring another 220 titles - just in VDL!

2012 will see the formation of Monterra's new building company which already has 10 homes to start early 2012. We will be posting progression photo's as these homes raise.

According to Costa Rica's development and permitting office, as of fall 2011 Monterra is now the largest owner of titled and permitted properties in the entire peninsula, and we're in the top 5 for the entire country. The Monterra team has worked very hard to achieve this as we've witnessed other developers stall as they try to build without these complicated permits. There are no shortcuts in this country! And we're happy for that.

With our upgrades to the Hotel Costa Coral and our union with powerhouse 'ACI' - Monterra has built new relationships with billion dollar marketing companies such as Groupon and Living Social who are populating the Hotel Costa Coral and driving
interest to our area. This has translated to more property sales and home building enthusiasm. OCR in Canada, will likely focus more on client administration for Monterra allowing these big
companies to handle marketing for us in this new age of promotion. OCR seminars will continue but with focus on home building education with little emphasis on property sales. Our marketing partners will take over in this area.

2012 and 2013 Monterra will be focusing 90% of it's efforts on construction and not land development. This coincides with our business plan for 2012 which put most of our emphasis on home and condo construction. Also this keeps our (the) property
market from inventory saturation allowing land pricing to climb closer to Chicago Title appraisal values, benefiting all. We still have many properties available but the prices will be climbing more dramatically over the next 2 years - and many will be sold with a building contract in place.

This is great time to be involved with our company. If you're considering building then please contact OCR (ask for a 'Architectural Agreement') before the holidays - we're limiting our home numbers in 2012, and already have commitments for 2013.

Monterra Developers,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meet Michael!

Many of you have already met Michael as he's been employed by Monterra Developers for more then a year. As we're rapidly moving into home building this year Michael has been busy sharing his home ideas and meeting with customers who are ready to get building. He's also been busy interviewing / hiring our building crews consisting of trade and labor - with their first project being the Monterra warehouse in VDL.
For the past year Michael, who now lives in Playa Tambor, has been researching and assembling a comprehensive quoting sheet of every type of material needed to build and finish a home in Costa Rica. After a year of negotiating and pre-purchasing materials Monterra's exclusive pricing from these suppliers will make our luxury homes very competitive (quality & price) against any builder in Costa Rica.

More info will be coming soon on the Monterra building process and how to get started.

Michael Pechbrenner:

- More than 30 years' experience in construction building.
- Second generation. Credited with projects in; Northern Alberta, British
Columbia, GTA, and 8 years in Florida.
- Florida; Home construction from 6,000 - 18,000 Sq. Ft.
Disney World, Busch Gardens, world famous Hammock Beach Resort (Hard-scape finishes) and many other hospitality, resort and residence construction and finishes.
- Heavily experienced with structural engineering for; Bearing, Uplift, and seismic.
- Engineering, architectural, and construction management skills to complete projects expeditiously with superior results.
- Working with architect for custom home designs to optimize terrain usage, views, functional, with beautification, natural materials, and eco friendly finishes.
- Current in technological improvements and automation for energy savings, security, communication, to simplify life's demands and comfort.
- Experience includes residential construction, commercial construction, government projects, road and parking lot construction, theme parks, city park construction with full understanding of blue print reading which include; elevations, cross sections, inverts, structural, mechanicals,
electrical, finishes, call outs, and sectionals.
- Full experience with project management, project scheduling, project estimating/budgeting.
- Full understanding of North American building codes and engineering. Currently applying skills in Costa Rica for 4 years.

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Tower Now Installed!

As promised 'ICE', Costa Rica's telecommunication company, just installed a new tower down the road from our Valle de Luz entrance. That tower now provides 4G cell phone technology (not 3G) and wireless high speed internet to Monterra's VDL projects including Pacific Blue - right to the beach!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monterra's New Warehouse.

As planned Monterra Developers are moving quickly into becoming an organized building company. New staff have recently joined our group including an in-house architect (Costa Rican) and our Canadian home builder who comes with 25 years experience building to North American standards. Our construction team is being formed by top trades people in Costa Rica and new home designs are being created weekly! We currently have 9 client homes to build in VDL and RDS which will begin after our warehouse is completed.

Our new warehouse is designed for 10,000 square feet and will be located on VDL next to our nursery (vivero). It's needed for equipment, building materials, tools and security. Once completed it will become the main building and lock-down centre for all Monterra phases. It's vital for the building process and is the final stage before construction begins. We are very excited to be at this stage!