Saturday, March 2, 2013

There are no whales in Whale Bay, Tambor.

We've heard it more then once that the famous bay in Tambor 'Whale Bay' has not been visited by whales for decades. Of course this comment seems to come from people that don't live here. Just ask any local fisherman and they will tell you that every year many whales come right inside the bay and sometimes stay here for days at a time. As do the dolphins and the huge manta rays.

Getting a picture is another story. The local fishermen don't carry cameras and even if they did they would not be photographing marine life. So to get a photo of whale, a humpback whale to be exact takes some luck. We got lucky a few weeks ago when we saw this humpback whale swim out of Tambor Bay with her calf.
A telephoto lens would have been nice but we manged to get the camera out of the bag and get the shot just as they dove. We waited for another 20 minutes for them to surface but our fishing trip had  to resume. Later we saw them 20km away heading north.