Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pacific Blue Water

The Pacific Blue water tanks are under construction this first tank will supply potable water for 20 homes. The 2nd  and 3rd tanks once constructed will be connected to this tank for equal pressure throughout the Development. Water pressure will be maintained by 3 constant pressure pumping systems. The water will be filtered using 3 stages of Micro Filtration, Chlorine Free water well system and sanitized with UV at each Tank.

FYI: The CL Free water well system will eliminate the Calcium problems associated with the hard water found in our area of Tambor. The Minerals used in the system will have a service life of 10,000,000 US gallons. There is NO salt used in the system. The backwash water will be directed towards irrigation of plants in the area of each water tank.

Supply water is provided to the 3 tanks from 2 different wells in the Development. We anticipate that Tank #1 will be in operation by the end of May. The first homes to be connected to the system will be PB16 and PB 13. We will also be installing Water shut off valves and water meters on each home-site.