Monday, November 9, 2015

Check out our facebook for photo updates!

We encourage all of our property owners to check out our Facebook page  for lot clearing & home construction photos! Check out some teasers below! 

Monterra has been hard at work maintaining and clearing the lots for those property owners who have paid their property tax & maintenance fees! 

More progress is being made on this home in Pacific Blue! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Introducing Ed & Amelia McLeod & New Hotel Prices

Please join us in welcoming Ed & Amelia McLeod to the Hotel Costa Coral Team!

We are excited to announce that Ed & Amelia have been working diligently to revitalize the restaurant and guestrooms for the Grand Re-Opening of the Hotel Costa Coral!

The hotel will now be open to the general public as well as our property owners!

Please note the updated Hotel Costa Coral room rates with full breakfast included:

Green Season (April 16 - Nov 30):      $115/night 
High Season (Dec 1 - April 15):           $120/night 
Peak Season (Dec 19 - Jan 2):              $135/ night

Monterra Owners will enjoy a 20% discount on all room rates! 

*Based on double occupancy* Each additional person over the age of 6 is $15. All prices are in USD.

These prices are effective immediately and do not include lunch or dinner.

*We currently do not have a credit/ debit machine at the hotel and therefore can only accept cash*

Please contact the office for payment methods and availability.