Thursday, December 20, 2012

Attention to Detail.

Attention to detail makes all the difference when it comes to building homes. Monterra is well into its construction mandate, with another 15 homes awaiting approvals for the Valle de Luz Development.

"We’re building to quality standards, not often seen on the peninsula or in the beach areas of Costa Rica. When we do see it though, the prices are more then $160.00 per square foot", says Michael Pechbrenner, MDG Constructores' General Contractor. "We are still well below that."

After Costa Rica's major earthquake on November 12, 2012, we inspected our buildings, offices and homes. Not a single crack or deficiency was found. "That says a lot about a building company. Anyone can design a pretty home, but building a strong one, now that takes engineering and experience", explains Michael.

Monterra is now designing for summer 2013’s building season.