Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why is the Southern Nicoya Pennisula so Popular?

We're back in the high season again (Nov. to May) and many more people are showing-up this year to see how beautiful this area is. The word is getting out that Playa Tambor is more accessible than ever and offers true Costa Rican nature, culture and bio-diversity. Costa Rica has determined that this entire area (Southern Peninsula) should be protected from over-development to maintain it's forests and coastlines. Over-development has occurred in some other famous beach towns which has not only hurt those area's ecology but also Real Estate values too!

Daily the ferries/ airplanes are arriving full of people coming to work, play and maybe even live in this area. Even the Cruise Ships, which dock across the bay from the peninsula, are offering passengers excursions to our area for the first time. People are coming to see what we've known for years - but without the threat of high population as the inevitable Real-Estate boom happens.