Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monterra's 'Valle de Luz' Entrance Starts to Take Shape!

Well into the rainy season the work continues on the impressive, grand front entrance of Monterra's largest project named 'Valle De Luz'. This year the rains continue to be lighter then usual allowing construction to continue into October.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Monterra Developer's Home Builders.

Time to start thinking about building.
Listed below are our recommended builders and their contact information. There are many builders available in Costa Rica but just like anywhere else you have to make certain who you are hiring. These individuals have worked with us in the past and we trust their knowledge and expertise. Their pricing is fair and their quality is exceptional. Feel free to contact them at your convenience.

Name: Jon Armstrong
Business Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Nationality: Canadian
Language: English & Spanish
Phone Number: (506) 8320-5282
Years in Costa Rica: 20

Description: Jon is a very accomplished builder who has built most of his homes in the San Jose and Santa Ana areas. His homes are traditional and very beautiful. Jon has lived in Costa Rica for more then 20 years and he brings his living experiences to his home designs and interiors.

Name: Mike Quinn
Business Location: Tambor, Costa Rica
Nationality: Canadian
Language: English
Phone Number: (506) 8856-3847
Years in Costa Rica: 2

Description: Mike is new on the scene for home building (He is also employed by Monterra) but his partners have more then 20 years in the industry. Mike is interested in bringing new ideas and technologies to our developments and we like they way he thinks. He has shown us that he can successfully manage building projects like our RE/MAX building and The Costa Coral Hotel. Mike is also preparing to start building model homes in Valle de Luz.

Name: German Tautiva
Business Location: Tambor, Costa Rica
Nationality: Columbian
Language: Spanish
Phone Number: (506) 8856-2381
Years in Costa Rica: 15

Description: Large, spacious and considered Spanish modern, German's homes are considered some of the best in Costa Rica. He has built many homes in the Central Valley and some are available for viewing. His workmanship is exemplary and his finishes precise.
German is currently building our entrance for Valle de Luz.