Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's Going on with Puntarenas?

Wow, this little port town is really growing up. Paved roads and parking, shops and restaurants? Swimming pools, Marina and boat rentals too? It's looks more like a Florida fishing village then the Puntarenas we used to know.

Actually this has been in the planning for 5 years and is one of the improvements to the area that Monterra has expected. Remember, when we first moved to this area there was on 1 small ferry (30 cars) going to across the bay (now 2-160 car ferries). We knew all that was going to change, and it has. Getting to the Peninsula is fast and easy today, and by the time you wait for a commuter flight and fly here, you may as well drive to Puntarenas, shop, eat and take the ferry across. Scenic and fun.  Or from Playa Tambor, visiting San Jose or Jaco just got better too! 5 years ago this was full day commitment - today, a few hours.

All this is part of the government's commitment to modernize and develop this special area of Costa Rica. Ask any Costa Rican where the most beautiful place in the country is and they will most likely tell you it's the Nicoya Peninsula. And now this World famous 'Blue Zone' is more accessible to everyone.