Monday, August 23, 2010

What the 'Heck' is happing to Rios del Sol Phase 2 and 3?

This is a popular question these days as we have not written much about these 2 projects for a while.

The RDS phases 2,3 are definitely taking more time then planned but they are well worth the wait, keeping in mind that these river and forested areas are as beautiful as they are protected. It takes a dedicated developer to make certain that they are planned just right and have the ability to build in these regions. It also takes government permissions and with this we have delays - normal for Costa Rica, frustrating for those who are waiting to build.

GOOD NEWS! These lots will be some of the last of their kind in Costa Rica and after this final title process any 5000Sq2m + size properties will be hard to find anywhere! CR's development future is small lots - so for those lucky few who own acre properties, hold on to them! Once the final plans have been approved we will be writing more about Rio's del Sol Phases 2 and 3.