Friday, January 11, 2013

Recession? What Recession?

As more and more of our customers come back to Costa Rica to check on our building and development progress, it's easy for them to see just how busy we really are. And after a site tour with Michael, our General Contractor, it becomes apparent that Monterra's construction division is ramped-up and fully trade operational.
Michael says, " We have more then 25 homes on the board as of today (Dec. 28th) and we are expecting 25 more by June (2013). Our crew has been expanded to 30 guys and we'll need another 30 by March". 

It looks like we are quickly approaching our maximum construction allotment for 2013 so if you're considering a build this year then please call our office at (905) 750-0010 ASAP to receive and review our Architectural Agreement. Square foot cost is going up Feb.18th but you can still lock in at 2012 prices before then.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rios del Sol - Phase 2 Titles are Here!

From the Central Registry, in San Jose, we have just received the first 17 titles for RDS Phase 2. The final number of lots to be developed is only 35! (down approx 50% from the previous master plan) making this phase very exclusive, great for big sky lovers and extreme nature seekers.
This phase is adjacent to the famous Nicoya Biological Corridor and is one of the most Flora / Fauna abundant areas in Costa Rica. Phase 2 also offers the largest lots in Monterra's inventory with the smallest being 1.9 acres. This place is nature extreme!
OCR will be contacting each owner this January to arrange title transfer. 

Happy New Year.